Who am I ?

Me ? Everyone has their own way of living , dressing , speaking etc . However , you have to start from somewhere. As we evolve as humans, we face many obstacles , which could either make us feel like giving up . Or motivate us to get up and become a stronger version of what we were yesterday. The choice is in you’re hands…

When I was a young girl I always felt unhappy and discontent with my identity. Not just my physical identity , but also the way in which I was perceived. Opinions towards myself became facts. I began to believe all the negative opinions people were throwing at me !

As a result of this I found myself becoming isolated from the world around me , leaving myself with only me and my unnerving thoughts !

However, I used this time alone to reflect upon myself , with the intentions of becoming optimistic . During this time I spent alone looked away in my bedroom , gave me the opportunity to create an “ideal” persona , which I could show to the world , as a mask . I reached out for my mirror and took a deep look at myself . I imagined stepping into the mirror and painting this “perfect” image of what I was aspiring to become. I took it upon myself to turn this fantasy , into a reality.

I’ve always associated the colour red with oppression , which is why I thought to use a red lipstick to write all the negative things that had ever been said to me , all over the mirror . then I stood back and smashed the mirror on the floor , watching it smash into little pieces . As I witnessed the words on the mirror getting obliterated , I began to feel liberated and euphoric because I was finally able to escape from this feeling of not fitting in anywhere .

From that day on I began to look at myself in a new mirror and remind myself how perfect , beautiful and unique I was .

Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy . you are perfect !